Raintree regularly organizes a variery of arts & cultural events together with some professional artists on artwork exhibitions, cultural performances and workshops. We promote and facilitate the artwork of emerging artists to showcase their work to collectors and art lovers to the international visitors. 

From Afternoon Tea with interesting themes, our Raintree Fashion Story with the great show or your private wedding party,birthday party, social and private gatherings are some of our exclusive arrangement just for you. 



July-October 2018:

  • Cooking Class (Italian Meals) -- August 29 2018 
  • Cooking Class (All about Pumpkin) -- September 2018-- SOON
  • Kids Art Class -- September 9, 2018 -- Coached by In House Artist :  Oktaviyani 
  • Bavarian Festival -- September 22- October 21, 2018



 July-October 2018: 

  • BBQ All You Can Eat Every Friday ( Live Music)
  • German Food Promotion -- SOON